• 1–2 Collections per year.

Each holder receives ALL future creations from the CryptoKuss Gallery as NFT.

Each creation will have a supply limited to 30 NFT’s. 20 for the CryptoKuss Founders holders, 7 in sold, 1 for giveaway and 2 for artist credits.

1 random draw per year will allow you to win a physical painting of your choice from the annual collection.

1/20 chance in each draw. (1–3 paintings each year!)

The raffle is held on the telegram channel @cryptokussgallery each year in December. Random Draw

Multiple wins are possible !

Supply CryptoKuss Founders : 20 NFT’s

Presale (Sold): 5 NFT’s

Future sale (14 NFT’s):

6 NFT’s at $ 200

2 NFTs at 250 $

2 NFT’s at $ 300

2 NFT’s at 350 $

2 NFT’s at $ 400

Giveaway: 1 NFT

For the first collection, the Space Collection, we present the 4 artwork created by Kuss :

https://www.instagram.com/kuss2.0/ find his artworks on instagram

#1 : Window

#2 : Beyond the mountains

#3 : Not my Future

#4 : Childhood

In all there are 120 NFT’s created per collection

Supply: 30 NFT’s per artwork

20 NFT’s for the holders of the CryptoKuss Founders

7 NFT’s for sale

2 NFT’s for the creator


Come join us on telegram : https://t.me/cryptokussgallery

The next collection will arrive soon : The 4 Seasons Collection #2

Artiste : El Poco Loco

Check his instagram profile : https://www.instagram.com/el_poco.loco/

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